the mccartys
the mccartys


celebrated our two year anniversary in new york. thanks karen obrist for photographing us, once again! you can see more here.

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grandma, aunt brianna and cousin theo came to visit.



our first time at lake chelan over labor day weekend!



aaron’s first fathers’ day!



went to Orcas Island for the first time (our first adventure together with libby!) also her first time on the ferry!



dorothy’s first mothers’ day



libby’s first valentines’ day!

20180124 Libby McCarty-148.jpg


we found out we are officially having a girl!



our wedding is in the latest issue of seattle bride mag!


our third big huynh-family vacation in st. petersburg, florida


on this day, aaron turned 26 and we took a second pregnancy test that confirmed we were, in fact, pregnant!

928_AD LIFE.jpg


legally dorothy huynh mccarty!



did the damn thing.


tea ceremony- part one of three in our wedding weekend. one of our favorite memories. thank you shelby.


signed our first lease and got the keys to our duplex! yay! 


drove four hours to find the middle of nowhere.

found someone crazy enough to go with us. 


aaron "crashed" dorothy's bridal shower.


celebrated aaron's 25th birthday a little belated at fonda la cantina with tacos and margaritas, of course.


a memorable date at salted sea. we had a really great conversation this day.


a year a half together.


oh my gosh, I actually cooked! and made aaron dinner for the first time!


took a film workshop taught by a friend and had an impromptu portrait session.


a sunday afternoon selfie, after eating at drae's lake route.


today was a very, wonderful day.


our second Christmas together <3


celebrated our one-year at the same restaurant that aaron took me to on our first date. they sat us in the same spot by chance :)



woke up on our one-year anniversary to snow!


today we went on a "hike" with a friend and she took our photos. we had a pretty serious argument right before we left for this adventure.


 we found ourselves catching the sunset.


our friend photographed us to mark six months of being together.


taught aaron how to use my canon for the first time.





almost got stuck in the snow.


"so happy togetherrrrrr"


first Christmas.


dorothy's 25th birthday celebration.


first date

# -27

the first time we met. the very first photo we have of us together. yee attempted to take this photo and said, "this will be for your wedding."